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New Nitric Oxide publication

The work “S-nitrosothiol-terminated poly(vinyl alcohol): Nitric oxide release and skin blood flow response” in colaboration with Marcelo G. de Oliveira has been published in Nitric Oxide.

Polymeric biomaterials capable of delivering nitric oxide (NO) topically can be used to enhance skin blood flow (SkBF) and accelerate wound healing. Herein, we used reversible addition-fragmentation chain transfer radical (RAFT) polymerization to synthesize the first poly(vinyl alcohol) (PVA) functionalized with terminal NO-releasing S-nitrosothiol (RSNO) groups for topical NO delivery. This strategy was based on the synthesis of a precursor amino-terminated PVA (PVA-NH2), which was next functionalized with iminothiolane yielding 4-imino-4-amino-PVA-butane-1-thiol (PVA-SH), and finally S-nitrosated yielding S-nitroso 4-imino-4-amino-PVA-butane-1-thiol (PVA-SNO). Real-time chemiluminescence NO detection showed that blended films of pure PVA with PVA-SNO with mass ratios 30:70, 50:50 and 70:30 release NO with initial rates ranging from 1 to 12 nmol g−1 min−1, and lead to a 2 to 10-fold dose-response increase in the SkBF, after topical application on the ventral forearm of volunteers. These results show that PVA-SNO is a potential platform for topical NO delivery in biomedical applications.

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