Medicinal Polymer Chemistry (PhD level class)

Objectives of the course:

Medicinal polymer chemistry class aims to introduce fundamental and applied aspects of this biomedical discipline. Course presentation will cover material from the basics to advanced concepts and will be structured to welcome students with diverse background.

Topics that were covered in Fall 2011:

  • Polymers and polymerization techniques#
  • Principles of bioconjugation
  • Polymer therapeutics
  • Polymer – protein conjugates
  • Hydrogels
  • Polymersomes / block copolymer micelles
  • LbL technique (planar substrates; colloidal substrates)
  • Gene delivery

Full course description can be viewed here.



Pharmaceutical and Combinatorial Chemistry (ENG) / Medicinal- og kombinatorisk kemi (DK)

10 ECTS points
Spring Semester
Together with Prof. Troels Skrydstrup
Class webpage can be viewed here.


Introduction into Medicinal Chemistry

First offered : Fall 2011
Together with Prof. Birgit Schott, Dr. Mogens Johansson, Dr. Henrik Helligsø Jensen