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Group members

Welcome to the Zelikin group!


Portrait_Alex_2Alexander Zelikin

Head of Lab

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Maria Merrild Kristensen

Research assistant

Maria completed her master's degree in Medicinal Chemistry in the group in June 2021. She continues to do research on self-immolative polymers

Lærke Nøhr Glud

Research assistant


Portrait_AnneTvilumAnne Tvilum

Anne joined as a PhD student in April 2019.

Portrait_Josefine (2)Josefine Hammer Jakobsen

Josefine started her PhD in the group in October 2019.

Ane Bretschneider Søgaard

Ane started her PhD in the group November 2020.

Andreas Bøtker Pedersen

Andreas joined the group as a PhD student on November 2020

Rikke Fabech Hansson

Rikke started her PhD in the group in January 2021

Mireia Casanovas Montasell

Mireia finished her master's degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry in september 2021 while in the group. She started her PhD in the group in November 2021

Dante Guldbrandsen Andersen

Dante started his PhD in the group after finishing his master's degree in Molecular biology in June 2022.

Magnus Schou-Jørgensen

Magnus started his four year PhD in the group in November 2022.


Frederik Skovbo

Master student

Lou Raeven

Visiting student

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