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Magnus lights Denmark on fire live on national television

Friday night the residents of Denmark could see master student Magnus Schou-J├Şrgensen perform chemistry on the popular entertainment show “Alle mod 1” (all versus one) on DR1. As part of chemistry show at the department of chemistry, Magnus was using chemistry to transfer a flame from person to person.

Chemistry show performs fun experiments that involve fire, explosions, color changes and much more to spark interest in chemistry around Denmark. Here Magnus (far right) is holding a flame in his hand using butane bobled into soapy water.

The show features a guest who is presented with peculiar scenarios that they are tasked with predicting the outcome of. In this particular case, the guest was asked to estimate the time it would take 10 chemistry students to ignite five bowls filled with alcohol, using only a flame that had to be transferred hand to hand from the first person to the person at the end.

Watch the show on DR1 (the chemistry starts at 32:29).