Kaja Kaja Zuwala

Kaja did her PhD in Virology in the group in collaboration with Aarhus University Hospital. Afterwards she continued in the group doing postdoctoral research from August 2016 until August 2017.

Portrait_Lise Lise Houkjær Sørensen

Lise has worked as a research assistant in the group for 9 months until June 2017

Portrait_Nicolas Nicolas Zydziak
Nicolas did a one year Post Doc in the group from June 2016 - May 2017. Nicolas has returned to Germany/France for a new position in Strasbourg.
Portrait_Steven Steven Harris Wibowo
Steven did his Postdoctoral research in the group from November 2015 - May 2017. Steven has returned to Australia to seek new adventures outside of academia.
Portrait_Betina Betina Fejerskov McPherson

Betina finished her PhD in the group February 2017.

Portrait_Anton Anton A. A. Smith

Anton finished his PhD in the group january 2015 followed by a year of postdoctoral research in the group.

Portrait_Mille Mille B. L. Kryger
Mille finished her PhD in the group in June 2015
Portrait_Ben Benjamin Wohl
Benjamin finished his PhD in the group in January 2015
Portrait_Bettina Bettina E. B. Brøgger
Bettina finished her PhD in January 2015, followed by a short period doing postdoctoral research till February 2015
Portrait_Pau Pau Ruiz-Sanchis
Pau did Postdoctoral Research in the group from May 2012 till December 2014
Portrait_Yui Siow-Feng Chong
As a former PhD student of Alex', Siow-Feng (Yui) joined us for one year as a postdoctoral fellow.
Portrait_Helene Maria-Helene Alves
Helene spent a productive half a year with us working on macromolecular design of poly(vinyl alcohol) and engineering physical hydrogels. She has contributed to several projects and first-authored a review entitled “Poly(vinyl alcohol) physical hydrogels : New Vista on a Long Serving Material”
Portrait_KatharinaM Katharina Mack
Katharina did postdoctoral research in the group in collaboration with Paul W. Denton and Martin Tolstrup of the Department of Infectious Diseases at Aarhus University Hospital from October 2017 to February 2018.
Portrait_Vipin Vipin Kumar
Vipin joined the group for postodoctoral research from February 2017 to February 2018. He worked on developement of therapeutic DNA oligonucleotides and antibody-ligand conjugates.


Stine Stengård (Bachelor)
Josefine Krogsgård (Bachelor)
Cecilie Domar (Chemistry project, 10 ECTS)
Maria Berggren Carlsen (Chemistry project, 10 ECTS)



Anette Andersen (Master)
Lærke Anegaard Rolskov (Master)
Susanne Andersen (Master)
Cecilie Domar (Bachelor)
Maria Berggren Carlsen (Bachelor)
Asger Risager Nørgaard (Chemistry project, 10 ECTS)
Nikolas Sochorakis (Visiting PhD student)
Kaja Borup Løvschall (Chemistry project, 10 ECTS)
Thatiana Marini (Visiting student)


Bente Kring (Bachelor)
Søren Lykke (Chemistry project, 10 ECTS)
Asger Risager Nørgaard (Bachelor)
Kaja Borup Løvschall (Bachelor)
Adriana Pamela Sanchéz (Chemistry project, 10 ECTS)
Oliver Pilgram (Chemistry project, 10 ECTS)
Susanne Andersen (Chemistry project, 10 ECTS)
Judith Erdmann (Chemistry project, 10 ECTS)


Katrine Edlund (Master)
Najah Jensen (Master)
Raoul Walther (Chemistry project, 10 ECTS)
Camilla Frich Riber (Chemistry project, 10 ECTS)
Anders Kock (Chemistry project, 10 ECTS)
Søren Lykke (Bachelor)
Lærke Anegaard Rolskov (Bachelor)
Judith Erdmann (Bachelor)


Thomas Hussmann (Master)
Camilla Frich Riber (Bachelor)
Anders Kock (Bachelor)
Morten Bjerre (Bachelor)
Daniel Pedersson (Bachelor)
Sidsel Andreasen (Master)
Najah Jensen (Master)


Betina Fejerskov (Master)
Kasper Fisker (Master)
Frank Larsen (Master)
Thomas Hussmaan (Chemistry project, 10 ECTS)


Thomas Hussmann (Bachelor)
Najah Jensen (Bachelor)
Betina Fejerskov (Chemistry project, 20 ECTS)
Sidsel Andreasen (Chemistry project, 10 ECTS)


Betina Fejerskov (Bachelor)
Anette Andersen (Bachelor)
Camilla Christensen (Chemistry project, 10 ECTS)
Kasper Fisker Rasmussen (Chemistry project, 10 ECTS)
Frank Kim Larsen (Chemistry Project, 10 ECTS)